We thought it would be better if one of our customers shares their experience:

I am writing this e-mail as per your request to give a testimonial about my experience with my recent HVAC installation at my home that was performed by N. B. Rogers, Inc. I am happy to do so, as I am very impressed with the work that was performed.

My wife and I interviewed three contractors for the replacement of our aging HVAC system in our home. We chose N. B. Rogers, Inc. of the three contractors that we've interviewed. The reasons we chose your firm were price, experience, and your handling of American Standard equipment.

We felt that the price that you quoted for the work was fair and competitive with the other contractors that we interviewed. The estimate for the work was clearly broken down, payments plans and options were explained, and Jerry Daywalt, your Service Representative, was more than willing to answer any questions that we had regarding the project.

In my interactions with Jerry, I felt that he is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced HVAC professional who went beyond the sales role. It was clear to me that Jerry had hands-on experience with HVAC systems, and confidently answered any questions or concerns that I had with common-sense answers. Jerry's obvious experience with HVAC systems impressed me, and I was also impressed with his work ethic, as he was willing to join Justin and Dan on the job and work with them in performing the actual install. My experience with contractors in the past has been that sales representatives typically do not come back to the work site once the project has been started. Jerry's willingness to be personally present and actively participate in the work of the project is something positive and worthy of note. Jerry, Justin and Dan worked in an efficient, experienced and professional manner. They left the work site clean, and the new HVAC system was fully functional with no problems to report whatsoever after the install.

My wife and I had experience with American Standard HVAC systems at our previous home. We had no malfunction with the system for the six years that our system was in our home and had no problems with it. When the HVAC system for our current home began to demonstrate problems due to its age, we wanted another American Standard system since we were pleased with the HVAC system in our previous home. The contractor that we used for the HVAC install at our previous home no longer installs American Standard systems, and we were pleased to find N. B. Rogers, Inc. to do the installation of the American Standard system for our current home.

We are happy with the work that N. B. Rogers, Inc. has done. It is my pleasure to recommend N. B. Rogers, Inc. for HVAC work with no reservations, and I am happy to refer N. B. Rogers, Inc. for HVAC work and have begun to do so.

Thank you again for your great service -- we're happy to be your customers, and we wish you the best in your endeavors.

Schwenksville, PA, June 2015

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